Color Palette.pngThe goal of the Art Special is to provide quality instruction that is developmentally appropriate emphasizing core art concepts in critical thinking, skills & techniques. The art program offers opportunities to create, present, respond and connect in both traditional and contemporary art forms for a deeper understanding and appreciation. Student art work is showcased throughout our county in various Art Shows. 

Musical Notes.png As students participate in organized musical activities in Music they learn cooperation and an awareness of their role in community and society. The awareness can lead students to appreciate not only their own culture, but also, other cultures around the world.  

Sport Girl.png Physical Education class provides a standards based, balanced, sequential and progressive educational program.  Including basic movement concepts and skills appropriate for their age and development.  Students attend PE four times per week  for 40 minutes each session. 

Earth Search.png Project Lead the Way Launch STEM Special provides students the opportunity to learn through exploration and discovery.  The curriculum creates an integrated learning experience, blending computer science, engineering, and biomedical science.