The Houses of Gulf 2020-2021

We are so excited to announce that we will continue with the Houses of Gulf. Each student are sorted into a house. The Houses have students of all grade levels in them as well as a variety of staff members. Students and staff work together throughout the year to build strong bonds and relationships that allow them to feel more connected to our school. Our goal is for students to feel as if they truly know the staff and students in our school and that we are united as one.
Each House represents a specific character trait and we work together to represent their trait with pride. Houses meet throughout the year to participate in team bonding activities, work on character trait development and complete special projects together. 
Students earn points for their Houses. Points are a way we are reinforcing the positive behavior that our amazing students show. We have friendly House competition between all the Houses to see who will be our "House Champion" for the school year.
We encourage you to participate in this experience as well. Ask your children about their House, show pride in their House by wearing House colors. We look forward to working together with you to grow our community. 



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