Activities / Clubs


Math Maniacs Math Club:  Students will play fun, interactive math games with other club members. Students will explore fun ways to use math to solve problems.  If you love Math, this is the club for you!  

Fun with Science Club:  Science Club gives students hands-on experience working with the scientific method, planning experiments, and observing the world in which we live.  This club encourages members to identify the ways science affects their lives and their community. Students are introduced to the components of a Science Fair presentation. We will complete a board together as a club.  

Jumping for Joy Jump-Rope Club:  Students will learn how to jump rope and incorporate fun skills, like how to Double Dutch.  Students will be provided with a jump rope or they can bring their own jump rope from home.  

Game-On Game Club: Students are given the opportunity to spend time with their friends while playing a variety of different games.  We will have tons of board games for students to choose from, or they can bring their own from home to share. NO ELECTRONIC GAMES!  

Drawing Wizards Club:  This is a club for students who are creative and love to draw.  The Drawing Wizards Club is a great opportunity to learn how to draw cool new things and make amazing friends at the same time.  Drawing is fun, so let’s have fun together! 

Our Kindness Rocks Rock-Painting Club:  Students will paint rocks based on a different theme each week.  This is a great way to have fun with are! The rocks are for students to keep or they can hide them in different places throughout the community.  It’s a great way to bring a smile to someone’s face when they find them!

Coding with Root Robot Coding Club (2nd graders only):  2nd grade students will learn block coding with a little robot called Root.  The Root Robot can draw, see, play music, and light up. With Root’s range of capabilities, students are provided with endless opportunities to learn through creativity and hands-on problem solving, all while having fun!  Students will be given a weekly challenge to complete with Root Robot during this club.  

Paper Crafting Club:  Students will make a crafty creation relating to weekly themes based on chosen literature.  Students will be using fine motor-skills to cute, glue, fold, and color their masterpieces. 

Cyber House Computer Club:  Students will have the opportunity to work on and create presentations using Google and other applications; work with others to create interactive presentations; research topics and create presentations to go with your topic; be creative and sharpen your computer skills.