Our School

Gulf Elementary School

The mission of Gulf Elementary is to create a community of learners who are equipped with the knowledge, strength of character, and desire to reflect on the past, achieve in the present, and build for the future. Our students and teachers are focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and the development of reading and writing skills.  At Gulf Elementary we create an environment in which every student has the opportunity to flourish by providing differentiated instruction, academic supports to help each student access the curriculum, positive behavior supports to help maintain a positive learning environment for ALL students.
Gulf Elementary School's Pre-K through 5th Grade programs service 1,200 students. We have seven self-contained Special Education classrooms. These specialized programs have specific criteria for placement through the Exceptional Student Education Department.


Functional Skills

Students receive instruction in a self-contained classroom with emphasis on teaching self-help skills, daily living skills, functional or augmentative communication skills, and pre-vocational skills, as indicated by the student's IEP.


Social Communication- Social Emerging & Social Functional

Students identified for this highly structured specialized program, from Pre-K through secondary levels, receive educational instruction and therapies targeting behavior, sensory integration, communication and social interaction.

• Social Emerging - students in this program have emerging social and communication skills and there is a strong emphasis on sensory-based, hands-on activities of daily living designed to enhance these skills.


• Social Functional – students in this program are provided a combination of academic work in the core subject areas (at their level) and activities of daily living necessary to foster independence.


Understanding Autism

Teaching kids about autism will help them better understand their classmates. With increased understanding, the focus will shift away from characteristics that may make a classmate appear different and shift towards the positive aspects that make each individual a unique and important part of the school community.


  • People with autism have a brain that works differently. They may have difficulty communicating, making friends, and dealing with changes.
  • Some people with autism talk and others do not.
  • Sometimes people with autism might get upset. Everybody gets upset sometimes.
  • People with autism can learn, make new friends, and have fun!