Arrival & Dismissal Procedures





Kid’s Exchange Morning Care


Students registered for morning care may be dropped off between 6:30 AM and 8:05 AM in the IB Cafeteria. You must walk your child into the IB Cafeteria, participate in student symptom screening checklist and check in. After 8:10 AM please report to your child's respective car line.

Car Lines Expectations

 Students will be dropped off along the car rider line no earlier than 8:20 AM. Students will go directly to their classrooms. 

Car line gates will close at 8:55 AM- If the gate is closed on the PLC car line, the parents will need to drive over to the IB building to drop off the student.


PLC Car Line - Grades Kg, 1, 2 and siblings form 3, 4, 5


Students in grades Kg, 1, 2 and their siblings in grades 3, 4, 5 will be picked up & dropped off at the PLC Car Line in front of the PLC Building.  


IB Car Line- Grades Pre-K, 3, 4, 5 & designated classes


Students in grades Pre-K, 3, 4, 5 and designated classes will be picked up at the IB car line in front of the IB Building. 


Free "Grab & Go" breakfast is served in both buildings from 8:55-8:55 AM. Students will eat in their classrooms. 


Late Arrival

Parents of late arriving students must take their students to the IB office front door for a symptom screening before the parent leaves the campus. Students can not be dropped off and enter school alone. 


Safety Patrol Students


Students may be dropped off along the inner IB car loop line no earlier than 8:15 AM. Safety Patrol students will report directly to their assigned duty location.


Early Sign Out


If you must sign your child out prior to the end of the school day, your child must be signed out prior to 2:45 PM. After 2:45 PM students will be sent their usual way home. Thank you for understanding.






Kid’s Exchange After-School Program

Students enrolled in our after school program will not be permitted to be picked up until 3:40 PM.  If you need to pick up your child prior to 3:45 PM you will need to contact the school to inform your child to report to the PLC Car Loop. Parents will not be permitted to pick-up students from the IB Office between 3:10-3:35 PM.


PLC/IB Car Loop

Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grade students will be picked up at the PLC Car Loop in front of the PLC Building. Students in grades 3rd, 4th, 5th & ESE, that do not have a younger siblings in grades K-2 will use the IB car loop.  All parents picking up will need to stay in the car line, showing their carpool tag(s) with the child’s name, and wait for a number that will be given to them by school personnel. Once that number has been given, parents picking up the student will go to the designated numbered cone where the student will be waiting. Please do not leave your car to get your child. The student will be assisted in the car by Gulf Elementary personnel and/or safety patrols. To avoid any accidents, please DO NOT go around other cars to exit. Please wait until the car in front of you moves forward.  If you do not have carpool tag, please pull up past cone 1, next to the curb. Please park your car and walk to the PLC Office with your driver’s license. Person picking up student must be on the Emergency Card. If not, please expect a delay in picking up your child. The PLC Car Loop gate will close at 3:35 PM.  After 3:35 PM please report to the IB Office to pick-up your child.